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NC says “I couldn’t wait to try out the new Table Top Easel that I got from Karin Jurick.  Her partner Brett makes them.  I love how sturdy it is and adjustable too!  I have set up on a counter height table so I can still stand up and paint.”

LM says “I use both the AlterEasel and my photo cube to photograph my painting.  Just wanted to let you know it has many uses. Thanks again, I will enjoy painting and photographing with both the Table Top Easel and the AlterEasel”

JB says “ Both the Table Top Easel and the AlterEasel are nicely constructed, sturdy, and work very well.  If you paint on panels of any size, I highly recommend the easels.”

LK says “ Thank you so much for this beautiful easel!  I was very impressed with the packaging and the way you have corresponded. It has been truly professional. I look forward to using the easel and each time I will think of you.  Thank you again for such a fine product.”

PD says “Just wanted to let you know that I received the AlterEasel and am very pleased and impressed with the craftsmanship.  It’s a thing of beauty, it really is.  This will make painting my tiny works so much easier.  I’m looking forward to using it!  Thank you.”

You can use the Table Top Easel and the AlterEasel at workshops - it’s easy to travel with.

More comment from artists who’ve bought the easels....

“Love the easel, perfectly packaged, thanks!”

“I am thrilled with the easel, the transaction and the seller! Thank you.”

“Great design, solid, fast shipment, great communication - highly recommended.”

“Love the easel!”

“Love it! Easy to use, easy to adjust, just what I needed!”

“I have several tabletop easels, however, this easel is the BEST!”

“I love my easel Karin!  It doesn’t take up much space, it’s comfortable to work at and it’s solid as a rock!  I use it all the time!”

“The ergonomics are great”

“I love mine! Highly recommend!  So sturdy and portable.”

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Paint On Table Top Easel

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Paint On AlterEasel

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AS says “ I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE this easel. Best investment I

have made in my art in quite a while, and I now use it daily!  It is exactly

what I needed before I even knew what I wanted!”

CF says
“I love it!!  After using my new easel a few times, I am in love. I have been using my Open M box but the smaller panels don’t fit tightly.  Your easel works perfectly!!!  Thanks so much.”

KB says
“Great job of packaging, everything in great condition.  I love the easel, I’m able to get close to my work and feel like I have more control.  Thanks for the great product and wonderful service.”

JT says “I’ve tried it horizontally and vertically and it’s so great! Love it.”

JB says “It was always a hassle taping down small panels on a board and then not being able to paint to the edge.  It is a pleasure now with this wonderful tool!  Thank you.”

RA says “Been using my tabletop easel for over a week now and it is amazing!

I have increased my production by at least three times by being able to work on more

than one image at a time. The quality and most important sturdiness of the easel is amazing, Thank you for creating it. “