A must-have for any artist who enjoys painting smaller pieces

but likes to use their stand-up easel



Back panel measures

14-1/2 wide x 18-3/4” tall

Back panel is

unfinished, sanded MDF

(medium-density fibreboard)

Stop bars are unfinished, sanded,

red oak & poplar

Easel weighs approximately 11 lbs

Price $105

(not including shipping/handling)

Sold thru my eBay Store

(when available)

Sales only in the U.S.

and paid thru Paypal

To calculate shipping

with USPS parcel post or

priority mail, enter your zip

code on the eBay page

How do I purchase one?

Updates on available

AlterEasels are posted

on my blog on the right column.


We can notify you via email

when an easel is ready

to purchase.

Just email us to add

you to our list.


The AlterEasel can make painting smaller panels or canvases

easier when fitted into your stand-up easel.  There is no base

ledge, it fits down into the area where your panel or canvas would

sit and can be clamped in with your stand-up easels holder.

In addition to the painting surface, there are two removable

stop bars that can be adjusted to your comfort levels.

Each and every easel is custom-built by Brett.

Stand-up easel and painting not included

Easy adjustments with thumbscrews will lock the stop bars, holding your painting in place.